Americas Finest
K9 Protection Dogs! 

We are an international dog training center located just outside of Newport Beach CA.

We are an international dog training center located just
outside of  Newport Beach CA. Over the last 10 years
we have developed a loyal global clientele as a result of our
unique approach to training, and innovations in how our
dogs protect their owners.
Americas Finest
K9 Protection Dogs!

Next Level Protection

We push our training to new levels every day. See the difference between advanced personal protection dogs and guard dogs.


Unmatched Obedience

Our training is intensive because attentive, obedient dogs make the best protection dogs. We prepare our dogs for success.


Switch On, Switch Off

We prepare dogs for home protection by training them to turn “on” and “off” with lightning speed—and only on command.


We don’t sell kennel dogs, mean dogs, or “guard dogs.” We specialize in training protection dogs you can trust in your home. Our dogs stay with adults, children and other pets during their training, so you can be sure they’re ready to become your family’s well-behaved companion and protector.

Through importation, extensive training and delivery, we do everything humanly possible to give you the healthiest, most reliable personal protection dog available.
We stand by our dogs. If you are unsatisfied within 6 months from the date of delivery, we’ll take the dog back and get you a better match.

K9 Personal Protection provides high quality, social dogs that are breed, raised and trained specifically to obey and protect their owners. Similar to a child enrolled in martial arts classes, our pups start training at a very young age. By the time they’re adults, just like the child, our dogs will be confident, disciplined, obedient, respectful and very well capable of defending on command.




I would like to thank K9 Personal Protection for our new dog Rob. They walked me through the process with ease and upon delivery made sure that I was comfortable with him and the handling before they finished our training. At first I was nervous because I have never had a protection dog before. I will tell you that I now take him everywhere with me including to the grocery store and I no longer worry about someone approaching me or my kids while I am unaware. I feel so much more comfortable and safe. Rob is now a part of our family and it was the best decision we ever made.
Jessica S.


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Our Protection Dogs Abilities

  • Pursue and Apprehend
  • Bite and Hold
  • Advanced Off-Leash Obedience
  • Perimeter Search
  • Defend Handler While Within Vehicle

They are all 100% acclimated to a family and home environment.

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